Tell Trump's campaign staffTake down ads attacking both Biden's faith and the Black church

Posted: Oct. 1, 2020

The Trump campaign has released yet another dishonest ad, distorting a second photo from Joe Biden's visit to a prominent Black church.

In the first dishonest ad, the Trump campaign showed what looked like an image of Biden asleep -- when in reality, he was praying at Bethel AME Church in Delaware.

The second ad, called "Meet Joe Biden’s Supporters," falsely portrays the Black Lives Matter movement as a violent threat, ending with a photo of Biden kneeling alongside Black pastors and the words "Stop Joe Biden and his rioters."

"This ad subtly incites white terrorism against people of color and attacks the Black Church and Black people," leaders of the AME, a predominantly Black denomination, wrote in a letter to the Trump campaign. They're demanding an apology from the campaign and removal of the ad.

Trump's reelection strategy revolves around upholding white supremacy while questioning the faith of progressive Christians. As Christians, we need to show voters and the press that we're not going to fall for the president's racist hijacking of our faith.

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