Faithful America does not have any openings at this time. Applications for the position listed below have closed. The description will be temporarily left here for existing candidates who wish to reference it.


CLOSED: Digital Campaigner (Remote/Virtual)

About Faithful America

Faithful America is the nation's largest online community of grassroots Christians working to reclaim Christianity from the hateful agenda of the religious right and to renew the church's prophetic role in building a more free and just society.

Since 2004, we have consistently made headlines and won real victories in support of love and social justice by using rapid-response digital campaigns that tap into the grassroots power of Christians across the nation who refuse to sit quietly by while right-wing extremists like Franklin Graham, Cardinal Dolan, and Marjorie Taylor Greene hijack Jesus' message of good news to prop up the hateful, continuing agenda of Trumpism. We're taking back the narrative and advancing progressive, moral positions on social issues like LGBTQ equality, immigrant rights, climate change, racial justice, and COVID-19.

In this moment of political and theological crisis for American Christianity, there is an opportunity to mobilize Faithful America's membership as a powerful tool for advancing social justice and confronting threats to the church's prophetic calling -- especially the forces of white supremacy and Christian nationalism.

About the Role

Faithful America is seeking an early-to-mid-career professional to help design and execute our digital-advocacy campaigns; engage in research to help make our campaigns more strategic; and collaborate with our members, organizational partners, and coalitions.

This is a new role, and there's a lot of room to customize it based on the skills and interest of the person we hire. For that reason, we're open to candidates with different types of experience profiles and skill sets.

Do you have a background in digital campaigns, social justice organizing, or the church?

Are you eager to take on the hateful agenda of the religious right and organize progressive Christians to work for the values of love, equality, and social justice that Jesus taught?

Are you a good storyteller and writer who isn't allergic to technology and can thrive in a fast-paced, remote work environment?

If so, please read on!


  • Work with the executive director to identify, design, and implement strategic advocacy campaigns that confront white supremacy and Christian nationalism; reduce the power of the religious right; and advance Gospel-based progressive policies on LGBTQ equality, immigration, climate change, racial justice, and other moral issues
  • Research strategic leverage points for our campaigns and campaign targets, particularly right-wing lawmakers, the Protestant religious right, and elements of the U.S. Catholic hierarchy
  • Write compelling action alerts, event announcements, and other messages to the Faithful America email list
  • Set up campaign emails and landing pages using our online advocacy software/CRM (ActionKit)
  • Create and post content to Faithful America's social-media channels, and report on social media metrics
  • Provide feedback and proofreading on campaign emails and other written materials by other Faithful America campaigners
  • Organize in-person petition deliveries and other volunteer opportunities for Faithful America members
  • Report on campaign metrics
  • Represent Faithful America to coalition allies and other organizational partners
  • Participate in regular meetings, listservs, and conversations with Faithful America staff, contractors, and members
  • Other relevant campaign and administrative duties as they arise

Please note: Depending on the interest and skill level of the person we hire, the potential exists for that person to fully manage Faithful America's social media presence. Whether this happens will be determined in a collaborative manner, and we welcome applications from candidates who are not interested in taking this on.


You could be great for this role if:

  • You're excited to organize grassroots Christians for social justice, and resonate deeply with Faithful America's mission and vision.
  • One or both of the following are true for you:
    • You understand the basic principles of online organizing, email advocacy campaigns, or social media, and have experience using an email CRM or digital advocacy toolset (e.g., MailChimp Constant Contact, EveryAction, Action Network, ActionKit, New/Mode, etc.; or
    • You have a strong understanding of faith and politics today, including at least some familiarity with the religious right, the U.S. Catholic hierarchy, progressive faith-based organizing and advocacy organizations, and/or the role religion plays in elections and the broader culture.
  • You're a strong writer or storyteller.
  • You seek to understand the big picture, but pay close attention to the nitty-gritty details
  • You're an accountable self-starter, and can thrive in a fast-paced, remote work environment.
  • You're comfortable with technology and not afraid to learn and use new online tools.
  • You know how to give and receive feedback well.
  • You can work well with others across various dimensions of personal difference, and have both an awareness of and appreciation for cultural diversity.
  • You have a social and political understanding of various types of systemic oppression -- such as white supremacy, patriarchy, and heteronormativity (as distinct from overt bigotry or discrimination) -- and are committed to fighting oppression in its many forms.

Although not required, a strong candidate will have some of the following:

  • More than 2 years experience working in faith-based advocacy or community organizations; religion journalism; or progressive advocacy, political, labor, environmental, or community-based organizations or campaigns
  • Policy expertise about (or a history of active personal involvement in social movements that work to support) immigrant rights, LGBTQ equality, racial justice, economic justice, the environment, and/or democracy and voting rights
  • Familiarity with the values and mindsets of diverse U.S. Christian communities
    • Relationships within and knowledge of the Black church, other church communities primarily composed of BIPOC Christians (e.g. Spanish-speaking congregations), or related institutions.
    • Relationships within and knowledge of LGBTQ Christian communities
    • Relationships within Roman Catholic communities and institutions, and an understanding of internal U.S. Roman Catholic politics and the U.S. hierarchy
  • Academic, journalistic, or political research skills and experience
  • Experience managing or producing content for organizational or high-profile individual social media accounts, particularly with large or influential audiences
  • Experience as a copy editor and writer, especially for campaign action alerts, fundraising appeals, and/or direct-response marketing
  • Experience identifying opportunities for breakout campaigns amid current events and brainstorming innovative strategies and tactics
  • Some experience helping run advocacy campaigns that exerted public pressure on specific, named leaders or institutions (whether in politics, religion, business, or some other field)
  • An undergraduate or graduate degree in divinity, theology or religion (especially if focused on political or social issues)
  • Customer service or volunteer management experience
  • Experience working with HTML, database queries, web development, or graphic design


This position offers a salary range of $55,000-$60,000.

Flexible structure

This is a full-time, exempt position that reports to Faithful America's Executive Director. The workload will average approximately 40 hours/week. Faithful America is committed to supporting a healthy work/life balance for its employees through flexible hours and comp time.

This position involves telecommuting and working in a virtual office, and will require consistent phone and internet access at your home office location. A laptop will be supplied.

We are open to candidates located anywhere in the contiguous U.S.

Once it is safe to travel, occasional travel for events like major conferences, annual staff retreats, and petition deliveries may be required.

Applications Have Closed

The deadline was Sunday, May 16, 2021.

Faithful America is fighting for a church and a world that affirms the dignity of every person and doesn't use religion as a pretext for bigotry, discrimination, or social oppression.

Faithful America is an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage individuals from all backgrounds to apply for this position. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression, nor any other basis protected under law.