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Posted: Sept. 29, 2022

Disturbing news: Facebook just announced that it could allow Donald Trump back on the platform within weeks.

When Facebook originally banned Donald Trump for encouraging his supporters to violently stop the peaceful transfer of power on January 6, its parent company Meta said it would reevaluate Trump's status in two years -- despite the clear threat that Trump's ongoing spread of misinformation poses to both peace and democracy.

That two-year time period lapsed on January 7. Sure enough, a spokesperson for Meta just told reporters that an internal working group is actively considering reinstating Donald Trump -- with a final decision expected "in the coming weeks."

Donald Trump has shown zero remorse for the actions he took that led to his original bans. To the contrary, he has filled his own social media outlet, Truth Social, with a constant barrage of misinformation and threats.

As Christians, we believe that God calls us to embrace truth and turn away from violence. That's why more than 16,000 Faithful America members have already asked Facebook to make Trump's ban permanent. Now that the decision is almost here, will you add your name so we can deliver 20,000 Christian signatures to Facebook before it's too late?

[Updated January 10, 2023]

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