Tell event venuesShut down anti-mask, anti-vaccine speaking tour

Posted: Aug. 16, 2021

Greg Locke calls himself a pastor -- but instead of preaching Christ's love, he preaches COVID denial, partisanship, and QAnon conspiracy theories at his evangelical church outside Nashville, TN.

Locke dismisses science by wrongly calling the Delta variant "nonsense," politicizing masks as "Democrat games," and preaching this deadly message: "You will not wear masks in this church. I'm telling you right now: Do not get vaccinated." He's been at it the entire pandemic, repeatedly promising to kick mask-wearing worshippers out of church.

Locke is making headlines across the country, spreading his deadly lies in Jesus's name and threatening unvaccinated children everywhere. Now he's part of the ongoing "Freedom Matters Tour," speaking alongside other far-right pastors, activists, and politicians from the anti-science group Tennessee Stands.

Christians need to stop sources of COVID-19 misinformation within the church, which is why Faithful America is teaming up with local faith leaders to halt this deadly tour's remaining events. Add your name to show tour venue owners that Christians across the state and the country want them to support public health by stopping the so-called "Freedom Matters Tour."

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