Add your nameThe ReAwaken America Tour doesn't speak for us

Posted: July 19, 2022

One of the worst examples of toxic Christian nationalism in the country today is Michael Flynn's so-called "ReAwaken America Tour," which mixes baptism and praise music with election denial, COVID disinformation and QAnon conspiracy theories

[Updated: August 24, 2023]

Each ReAwaken America event is a toxic, two-day parade of right-wing preachers, MAGA celebrities, and Trump aides. Now they're heading to Nevada for an August conference that even features Alex Jones, ready to spread more lies, antisemitism, and hatred in Jesus's name.

Many of the tour's false-prophet speakers were even involved in the planning and execution of the January 6 insurrection, while others are pastors with close ties to the Proud Boys. From defending January 6 to telling the audience they're "Team Jesus" against "Team Satan," all of their rhetoric risks inciting another round of political violence under the Christian flag.

This is a clear example of Christian nationalism: the merging of religious and national identities to seize power for conservative Christians at any cost, overturning elections and building the very kind of oppressive theocracy that Jesus opposed.

But here's what the Christian-nationalist leaders don't want you to know: Their violent, anti-democracy movement's biggest opponents are Christians, too. Will you sign and share today to help show reporters and community leaders that a growing national movement rejects this heretical tour and its unholy glorification of violence, hatred, and lies?

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