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Posted: Aug. 29, 2020

While others demanded justice for Jacob Blake, the latest Black victim of brutal state violence, Kyle Rittenhouse picked up his AR-15, crossed state lines, and visited Kenosha, WI -- where he promptly shot three Black Lives Matter protesters, murdering two of them.

That's not self-defense: It's hunting.

Crowdfunding websites GoFundMe and Fundly have deleted all pages raising money for Rittenhouse, but GiveSendGo, "the leader in Christian fundraising," is refusing to delete the vigilante's fundraisers. As of Monday afternoon, the website had already helped his supporters raise more than $250,000.

GiveSendGo was created to help churches and mission trips "inspire God's Message to the world." The company likes to say, "The most valuable currency is God's love." There is nothing inspiring, loving, or Christian about attempting to justify murder, especially murders that further the cause (intentionally or not) of white-supremacy.

GiveSendGo co-founders Heather Wilson and Jacob Wells need to hear from grassroots Christians across the country who are outraged at the violent way they've suddenly abandoned their Christian mission -- before they let another dime go Rittenhouse's way.

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