Tell Republican presidential candidatesReject the Christian-nationalist "Project 2025"

Posted: Nov. 6, 2023

Religious-right activists and donors are already planning the details of a potential Trump or DeSantis White House.

Unbelievably, even after January 6 and a spate of destructive Supreme Court decisions, they still don't think Trump's first term did enough to dismantle democracy or enact a Christian-nationalist theocracy.

So a coalition of far-right groups called Project 2025 -- led by the Heritage Foundation -- has published a detailed government playbook for a potential future Republican president to start expanding authoritarian power on day one.

The 1,000-page Christian-nationalist manual contains step-by-step instructions for a new administration to take revenge on political opponents, destroy the independence of federal agencies, eliminate the Department of Education, overturn the New Deal, and institute a so-called "biblically based" government to discriminate against LGBTQ people, women, non-Christians, and people of color.

Project 2025 would require that the government adopt an anti-LGBTQ, "biblically based definition of marriage and family." Its plan would exempt churches -- not all religious institutions, but specifically churches -- from public health requirements. Perhaps the most frightening part is a directive to convert thousands of civil servants into political appointees, leaving government employees with no legal protections if they don't toe the Christian-nationalist line.

For all its talk of Biblical values, Project 2025 couldn't be farther from Jesus' teachings of love, equality, and peace. Let's make it clear that a nationwide movement of Christians rejects this theocratic, Christian-nationalist blueprint -- and that we expect presidential candidates to join us.

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