Statement to the mediaReject the fundamentalist witch hunt on teachers

Posted: Feb. 21, 2022

Rob Standridge, a Republican state senator in Oklahoma, has introduced legislation to fine public-school teachers $10,000 each time they share information that contradicts students' religious beliefs. 

Teaching that the earth is more than 6,000 years old? Discussing evolution? The history of slavery? LGBTQ rights? Sex ed? The Enlightenment? The list of potentially criminal subjects is endless.

This so-called "Students' Religious Belief Protection Act" is making international headlines at a time of increasing censorship and Christian nationalism -- and it could become a model for other states.

Standridge has also introduced a separate bill to ban books that reference LGBTQ topics from public school libraries -- and he does all of this while campaigning as someone "raised with strong Christian values."

Attacking teachers, banning books, and excluding LGBTQ voices is not a true reflection of Christian values like love, dignity, and equality. Let's show lawmakers and reporters across the country that grassroots Christians reject the use of our faith as an excuse for censoring schools and attacking teachers.

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