Tell Bob NewhartDon't perform for an anti-gay extremist group

Posted: Dec. 13, 2013

Why is beloved comedian and lifelong Catholic Bob Newhart scheduled to perform before a group of right-wing corporate executives that uses vile language about gays and lesbians?

It's hard to imagine an organization further from Pope Francis' vision of "a Church which is poor and for the poor" than Legatus, whose stated mission is to "study, spread, and live the Catholic faith," but whose membership is open only to top executives of multi-million dollar corporations.

Even worse, their official magazine has consistently used hateful language about gays and lesbians -- comparing them to alcoholics and the mentally ill, suggesting that supporting gay equality is tantamount to endorsing pedophilia, and promoting dangerous "ex-gay therapy" techniques.

Bob Newhart probably didn't realize how extreme this organization is before he agreed to perform at their next summit. But now he has an opportunity to show that their brand of right-wing anti-gay politics is offensive and no longer has a place in the Catholic Church.

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