Tell BishopDon’t let priests deny communion to gays and lesbians

Posted: Feb. 7, 2014

Carol Parker and her mother were long-time congregants at St. Columban Catholic Church, so when her mother died, it was only natural that her funeral would be held there. Carol never guessed that she’d be denied communion at her mother’s funeral Mass simply because she's a lesbian.

When the local priest read Carol’s mom’s obituary, he learned that Carol was in a committed relationship with her female partner. He then told Carol and her partner that he would refuse to serve them communion.

Imagine receiving the news that, despite over ten years of active membership in the church, including singing in the choir, and volunteering as a cantor and a lector, you would be excluded from communion at your own mother’s funeral.

When the exact same thing happened in another diocese two years ago, the priest was subsequently removed from ministry. So let’s stand with Carol and her partner in their time of grief, and make sure the local bishop and the media see how many people are appalled by this hateful discrimination.  

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