Tell Michigan BishopStop persecuting transgender students

Posted: Feb. 5, 2021

The U.S. Catholic bishops rarely ever criticized Donald Trump -- yet just weeks into the new administration, and they're already drawing a partisan line in the sand against President Biden over LGBTQ rights.

Lansing, MI, Bishop Earl Boyea has fired one of the first shots, issuing a new "Policy on the Human Body" that requires Catholic schools and agencies to treat transgender students and clients according to their "biological sex." Teachers must call students by their incorrect pronouns, and individuals may be forced to use the wrong bathroom.

The bishop is trying to pick a fight with President Biden for using Title IX education-equality laws to protect trans women and girls. Instead of joining the president in honoring each individual's God-given dignity, Boyea has decided to treat Catholic students as political pawns, inflicting them with years of pain and humiliation.

This is not Christ-like. Bishop Boyea needs to hear from Catholics and other Christians across the country that we are outraged whenever the church punishes God's children for being who they are.

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