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Posted: June 2, 2021

Last June, Donald Trump brutally teargassed peaceful protesters and clergy outside an unwilling Episcopal church before taking a crass photo op with a Bible. Now the Justice Department is outrageously asking a judge to dismiss lawsuits against Trump and William Barr for that violence.

Although Trump lost reelection, he maintains a tight grip on millions of voters and lawmakers. White supremacy, Christian nationalism, and misinformation remain powerful forces that could still put another neo-fascist in the White House. We can't let our laws or our vigilance relax just because someone else is in power for now.

When Trump committed his blasphemy, hijacking the name of the Prince of Peace to prop up state violence and white supremacy, nearly 30,000 Faithful America members spoke out in protest.

It's time to raise our voices once more and ensure that Trump can be held accountable, so that no president will ever consider using such unjust and unconstitutional brutality again.

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