Tell Brooklyn BishopReinstate unjustly fired gay teacher

Posted: Oct. 28, 2021

Matt LaBanca was a beloved Catholic elementary school music teacher -- until the Bishop of Brooklyn fired him for marrying the man he loves.

"Mr. Matt," as his students knew him, is a lifelong Catholic who had worked at St. Joseph Catholic Academy for five years, until October. He was also a parish choir director. Matt says the school's principal was his fiercest advocate, but ultimately the decision to fire him from both jobs came down to Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio.

It is illegal for employers to discriminate based on sexual orientation, but the Supreme Court ruled in July that such laws do not apply to ministers. The Diocese of Brooklyn is shamelessly exploiting this loophole, insisting Matt was a "music teacher and minister." Matt himself says, "I would never have labeled myself a minister."

The diocese asked Matt not to expose its hateful discrimination, offering him severance pay in exchange for his silence. Matt declined, deciding that no price can be placed on his voice and integrity.

Matt is speaking out in the press for love, equality, and the God-given dignity of all LGBTQ persons. Let's show the bishop that grassroots Catholics and fellow Christians across the country support that Gospel message.

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