Add your nameSenator Hyde-Smith must repent for attacking Black voters

Posted: March 26, 2021

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) says it's a good thing Georgia is getting rid of early voting on Sundays -- arguing that since the dollar bill says "In God we trust," states should keep the Christian Sabbath holy.

In other words, Hyde-Smith ignores the separation of church and state -- while also claiming Black churches offend God with their tradition of marching to the polls after Sunday worship.

It gets worse. Not only is Hyde-Smith not from Georgia, her rant about Sunday being the Sabbath day was directed at Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer -- who is Jewish, and observes the Sabbath on Saturday.

Sadly, Hyde-Smith is not alone in her white supremacism or her Christian nationalism. The Georgia legislation in question is part of a rampant, nation-wide attack on voting rights -- just one of 253 bills in 43 states. Instead of taking away the rights of Black and Brown voters, Hyde Smith should work to strengthen democracy by supporting S.1, the For the People Act.

Let's show Hyde-Smith and the press that voting for the common good is a sacred act, and that Christians reject her appalling use of our faith to attack voting rights.

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