Add your nameChristians support Amy Grant against Franklin Graham's attacks

Posted: Jan. 5, 2023

Contemporary Christian music icon Amy Grant recently announced that she and her husband Vince Gill would be hosting their niece's same-sex wedding on their Tennessee farm -- a beautiful act of pro-LGBTQ affirmation from an artist whose music means so much to so many American Christians.

Of course, the religious right simply couldn't let that news pass without responding with anger and bigotry.

Right-wing evangelist Franklin Graham immediately denounced Grant on social media, threatening Grant's niece with an eternity in hell and accusing her of compromising on "the authority of God's Word." As usual, Graham's words only served to inspire yet more hatred in others, with comments pouring in calling Grant a "disappointment" who "needs help."

Love is love, no matter what Franklin Graham says -- and social justice Christians can't just sit back and let powerful members of the religious right rake Amy Grant over the coals for supporting her niece and her relationship.

Let's make it clear to Franklin Graham and the religious right that tens of thousands of Christians support Grant's expression of love and LGBTQ acceptance.

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