Tell Florida citiesCancel Franklin Graham's political rallies

Posted: Jan. 10, 2020

Franklin Graham claims his "Decision America" national tours aren't political -- but while the actual rallies might resemble spiritual revivals, they're what enables Graham to go on the 6:00 news in town after town, twisting the Gospel to praise Donald Trump like a false idol.

Graham has said that impeachment is guided by "a demonic power," argued that LGBTQ rights are "an affront to God," supported Trump's march to war with Iran, and even said Trump's cruel refugee ban is "not a Bible issue." 

Three of the theaters hosting Graham's current Florida tour are publicly owned. City governments should not use their public resources to host religious revivals or partisan rallies -- and certainly not the religious right's combination of the two.

Christians must make it clear: Franklin Graham's hateful politics do not speak for us. Add your name to call on leaders in Palm Beach County, Key West, and Panama City to either cancel Graham's rallies or donate his rental fees to pro-LGBTQ causes!

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