Tell Senate HELP Committee MembersChristians support funding for global vaccines

Posted: Aug. 18, 2021

In a wonderful new video from the Ad Council, Pope Francis urges everyone to get vaccinated as "an act of love," reminding us that the vaccines can end the pandemic -- "but only if they are available to all."

The sad truth is that right now, vaccines are not available to all. Less than 4 percent of people living in Africa and just 30 percent of people in Asia have received a vaccine, compared to 60 percent of Americans. The doses simply don’t exist in these places yet.

Fortunately, this is a solvable problem. If Congress includes $34 billion for global vaccines in the next budget reconciliation bill -- a drop in the bucket of what the U.S. has spent on the coronavirus so far -- experts say it will be enough to produce and distribute the 8 billion doses needed.

Congress has the opportunity to both lift up the global poor and protect the United States from future variants, which can develop anywhere in the world before spreading here. Let’s show members of the Senate's Health committee that their Christian constituents want to vaccinate the world!

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