Tell Liberty University boardFalwell's campaign for Trump is a disgrace. Fire him.

Posted: Oct. 14, 2016

Jerry Falwell Jr, president of Liberty University, has emerged as the most prominent religious-right endorser of Donald Trump.

Even as sexual assault allegations against Trump continue to mount, Falwell has become a fixture on cable news defending and making excuses for Trump. And he's shamefully exploited his position as a college president, hosting both Trump and running mate Mike Pence at convocations that students are required to attend.

But now Liberty University students are rebelling against their own president and making headline news. Thousands have signed a statement complaining that Falwell has falsely "led the world to believe that Liberty University supports Donald Trump," and stating clearly: "Donald Trump does not represent our values and we want nothing to do with him."

Falwell is firing back, describing the students' statement as "incoherent and false," and bizarrely accusing them of "ignoring the teachings of Jesus."

With the eyes of the nation on Liberty University, Falwell is undermining the school's credibility as a Christian institution - and it's time for the board of trustees to act.

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