Tell William BarrDon't bring back the federal death penalty

Posted: July 26, 2019

Attorney General William Barr has just directed the Justice Department to bring back the barbaric and ineffective death penalty -- and to immediately schedule the first five federal executions in 16 years.

Pope Francis, the National Council of Churches, and countless other Christian leaders have long spoken out against capital punishment. As Jesus said, "Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone."

Yet the religious right is loudly cheering on the death penalty. Appearing on Fox News earlier this year, Robert Jeffress -- one of Donald Trump's favorite pastors -- dismissed objections to executing the wrongfully accused, outrageously arguing that "the greatest example of an innocent person being executed was Jesus Christ himself."

If enough of us raise our voices, we can show the Justice Department -- and the media -- that the religious right does not speak for American Christians on this important moral issue!

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