Tell event venuesDon't host Franklin Graham's fall tour

Posted: Aug. 22, 2022

Evangelist Franklin Graham is at it again, bringing his partisan message of unholy, anti-democracy, anti-LGBTQ hatred to five key swing states this fall -- all in the hijacked name of Jesus Christ.

Graham's roadshow is ironically called the "God Loves You Tour" -- ironic given that just this summer, the notoriously bigoted preacher called LGBTQ Americans "evil and rebellious" in a Facebook post opposing the Respect for Marriage Act.

Graham, who spread Donald Trump's Big Lie and initially blamed the January 6 insurrection on "antifa," has also been fanning the flames of dangerous, right-wing rhetoric and conspiracy theories in the wake of the FBI's Constitutional search of Trump's Florida home. This threatens the rule of law and puts the lives of judges, agents, and other officials at risk.

Let's show the expo centers and ballparks hosting Franklin Graham that a nationwide movement of Christians opposes his abuse of our faith -- and that we don't support any businesses that amplify bigotry or undermine American democracy. 

Speaking out together makes a difference. Earlier this summer, local faith leaders and organizers convinced a Rochester, NY, theater not to host Michael Flynn's anti-democracy, Christian-nationalist "ReAwaken America Tour." Add your name to take the same stand against Franklin Graham's hatred today.

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