Add your nameBishop must remove priest for anti-LGBTQ and racist remarks

Posted: July 9, 2020

A Catholic priest in Erath, Louisiana, used his church's Facebook page to criticize support for Pride Month -- after allegedly also making racist comments about COVID-19.

Fr. Andre Metrejean's post on Our Lady of Lourdes' page complained about "PC culture" after the New Orleans Saints lit up the Superdome in rainbow lights, writing, "this kinda of stunt hurts society and souls." After his bishop responded with a statement calling for respect and compassion, the priest offered only a non-apology apology, explaining, "This is not about exclusion. This is about saving souls."

One parishioner has also said Metrejean dismissed the need for the parish to require masks because, "This is not really something we need to worry about since the virus only affects Black people."

Sadly, nearly 3,000 people have signed a petition this month defending Metrejean's offensive comments -- and in a new video, he now compares his critics' support of LGBTQ rights to the devil.

It's up to grassroots Catholics and other Christians across the country to support the parishioners who are calling for Metrejean's resignation. Let's show his bishop, J. Douglas Deshotel, that we expect more from our faith leaders!

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