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Posted: Oct. 24, 2020

Most Americans believe that we will have an officially certified winner of the presidential election within three days of Election Day -- but the truth is that it might be weeks later than that. What can Christians do to help their fellow church members prepare for this reality?

Counting every vote matters, and that will take extra time this year due to more absentee ballots, extra security measures, and the coronavirus. We're facing an election season, not an Election Day -- and taking the extra time will be worth it to save democracy.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump has made it clear that he will spend that time trying to steal the election by spreading confusion, demanding mail-in ballots be thrown out, and potentially trying to stop prolonged counting. His corrupt thirst for power at all costs is strikingly similar to King Herod's.

This is a time for true Christian social witness from the pulpit. We need our faith leaders to use the prophetic voice this November to oppose the coming assault on democracy -- and to make sure the voices of the vulnerable are counted. Pledge now to ask your pastor to help your church live its values by preaching for democracy and standing up for the election results this November.

(If you are a priest or pastor, please take this pledge to preach instead)

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