Add Your NameThe Church must not endorse Donald Trump

Posted: Aug. 20, 2020

When Cardinal Timothy Dolan opens the Republican convention in prayer, he should echo the words of Bishop John Stowe, who courageously called Donald Trump "anti-life" this summer over family separation, COVID-19, poverty, and health care.

Praying at the conventions can be appropriate if done with a prophetic, nonpartisan voice. Yet Cardinal Dolan has an extreme pro-Trump record -- what the editors of the National Catholic Reporter call an "unholy alliance" that "inextricably link[s]" the Catholic Church and Trump.

Dolan must use his prayers on Monday to challenge the president's anti-Christian authoritarianism, bigotry, and ego -- or his appearance will be seen as an official Church endorsement. Christians can't let that happen!

Tell Dolan to pray that the president turns away from hatred and ego. This is the cardinal's chance to repent for his past partisanship and join the best of the church's prophetic tradition. It is also our chance to change the dominant narrative and show the nation that pro-Trump prayers don't represent our Christian faith.

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