Statement to the mediaChristians support digital worship this Christmas

Posted: Dec. 1, 2020

Coronavirus cases are spiking yet again -- yet some church leaders are actually fighting against life-saving public health measures.

"I'm going to listen to God's word rather than the WHO [World Health Organization]," said Trump adviser Robert Jeffress on Fox News, declaring his megachurch open for Christmas.

The Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn even sued New York State over its public-health guidance -- and unfortunately won at the Supreme Court, a ruling applauded by right-wing Cardinal Dolan. The same diocese also touted bogus claims that hydroxychloroquine might cure COVID-19 in its newsletter.

These actions are incredibly harmful. As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who healed so many, we must do all we can to save lives -- including limiting public gatherings like in-person worship.

Let's encourage our priests and pastors to keep standing strong against the pandemic by holding Christmas services online, and show the media that Jeffress and Dolan do not represent the Christian coronavirus response!

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