Tell Boston CollegeJesuit universities shouldn't take dirty Koch money

Posted: Nov. 26, 2019

Jesuits teach their students to be "men and women for others." Outrageously, officials at Boston College -- a major Jesuit research university -- are considering spurning these ideals by taking dirty money from the right-wing Koch Foundation.

Accepting dirty Koch money is completely antithetical to BC's Jesuit ideals. Koch Industries is among the country's biggest climate polluters. Its leaders, billionaires Charles Koch and his late brother David, have spent their fortune electing climate deniers, fighting labor unions, and pushing America towards the right -- not the values a Christian school should stand for.

The Kochs use their gifts to buy influence and shape American education. At George Mason and Florida State universities, they have demanded a voice in the hiring and firing of professors. At Arizona State, they have been charged with right-wing "ideological indoctrination" of students.

More than 1,000 Boston College community members have signed a petition protesting the toxic "gift." Add your name to show these students and professors they have support from Christians across the country!

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