Tell President BidenIt's a moral obligation to accept Afghan refugees

Posted: Aug. 17, 2021

After 20 years of seemingly endless war, the world is watching in horror as the Taliban retakes Afghanistan and Afghans cling to the wings of departing American planes.

Whatever one thinks of the war or the U.S. withdrawal, the news that Taliban fighters are going door-to-door hunting for people who helped not only Americans but also non-profits shows that we have a moral obligation to save as many lives as possible and welcome vulnerable Afghan refugees.

Tragically, most are being abandoned to face the Taliban's reprisals. Thousands "who worked alongside U.S. troops have waited years for visas to come to the United States," the New York Times reported August 16, but "the speedy withdrawal of forces left most of them behind."

"This is murder by incompetence," one U.S. Air Force veteran told the Associated Press while he struggled to help an Afghan friend escape. 

As Christians, we know that we welcome Christ when we welcome Afghans fleeing persecution. That means demanding the White House help as many vulnerable Afghans as possible to evacuate and resettle here -- especially those who helped the U.S. military or international non-profits as well as women, LGBTQ people, and ethnic and religious minorities.

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