Add your nameTrump's evangelical advisers must accept Biden's victory

Posted: Nov. 10, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris not only won this election, they did so with more votes than any other ticket in history, receiving a progressive mandate.

Yet so far, the loser of the election refuses to acknowledge reality. He's even planning more campaign-style rallies to keep his base in denial -- and his top evangelical advisers are dangerously egging him on.

In spite of the final results, Trump's staff pastor Paula White-Cain has held a series of Florida prayer meetings "decreeing" Trump's victory and calling on angels to deliver a win. Franklin Graham dishonestly claims, "The election isn't over."

Election experts say none of the lame-duck president's lawsuits have merit, which is why he keeps losing in court. Pointlessly contesting the results without evidence is nothing more than a selfish, unjust attack on democracy and the dignity of each voter that risks encouraging violence -- and there is nothing Christian about that.

The people have spoken, and we're ready to move on from this election. It's time for Christians of all beliefs to support democracy, help prevent racist violence, and unite behind the need for a peaceful transfer of power.

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