Tell Roncalli High SchoolDon't expel pro-LGBTQ Catholic students for speaking out

Posted: Aug. 21, 2019

When an Indianapolis Catholic high school fired two guidance counselors for being in same-sex marriages, students spoke out. Now the school is threatening to expel them.

After Roncalli High School fired the lesbian staff members, upset students formed the group "Shelly's Voice" in protest. Students and their parents have just revealed to local news that administrators threatened to raise their tuition or block their graduation -- and now a new policy for the new school year will go even further.

According to the school newsletter, students must treat the school's "reputation... with dignity and respect" in text messages and voicemails -- or risk expulsion. In other words, if a student even texts a friend that their Catholic school was wrong, they could be expelled.

School administrators may be able to punish the students for speaking, but they can't expel the rest of us. That's why Catholics and other Christians across the country need to have the students' backs, and sign the petition to Roncalli today!

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