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Posted: July 11, 2023

One of the worst examples of Christian nationalism today is Michael Flynn and Eric Trump's so-called "ReAwaken America Tour." Despite the tour's antisemitism and threat of political violence, its next stop is scheduled for a publicly owned park in Nevada.

Each ReAwaken America event is a toxic, two-day parade of pro-Trump preachers, MAGA celebrities, and QAnon conspiracy theorists mixing election denial, violent rhetoric, and deadly COVID-19 misinformation with baptisms and praise music -- all in Jesus's name for audiences of thousands.

In August, the ReAwaken America Tour is planning a major stop in North Las Vegas -- where they'll be setting up shop at the publicly owned, taxpayer-funded Craig Ranch Regional Park.

This time, they're also adding Roseanne Barr to the lineup -- who earlier this summer shockingly told a podcast host, "Six million Jews should die right now 'cause they cause all the problems in the world."

An event that promotes antisemitism, lies, and even outright political violence should never be welcome on public property. Let's speak out together now and ask North Las Vegas Mayor Pamela Goynes-Brown to revoke ReAwaken America's permits and decline to rent them public facilities.

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