Tell Stripe, Inc.Stop supporting "Christian" fundraisers for white supremacy

Posted: Jan. 5, 2021

Monday night, the leader of the Proud Boys -- a violent, pro-Trump, misogynistic organization that openly supports white supremacy -- was arrested in D.C. for burning a prominent Black church's Black Lives Matter banner.

Henry "Enrique" Tarrio committed his crime in December, and had returned to D.C. to take part in Wednesday's Trump-incited attack on the Capitol. Just a day after his arrest, a right-wing, so-called "Christian" crowdfunding site had already shamefully raised more than $100,000 in Jesus's name to defend Tarrio's violent hate crimes.

GiveSendGo also helped raise $500,000 last year for Kyle Rittenhouse, who murdered two Black Lives Matter protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin. More than 14,000 Faithful America members made national headlines for protesting that earlier violent fundraiser.

When questioned about the Rittenhouse campaign, CFO Jacob Wells claimed, "Everything we do and what our platform delivers is Christ-centered." But to call these hateful Rittenhouse and Proud Boys fundraisers "Christ-centered" is nothing short of blasphemy.

If GiveSendGo is going to keep violating its own terms of service by allowing violent fundraisers like these, Christians must demonstrate that this website does not represent our faith. Together, we can help stop these fundraisers for white supremacy by calling on payment company Stripe to immediately revoke their contracts with GiveSendGo.

Update: A previous version of this petition also targeted the JPMorgan Chase company WePay. Chase had previously ceased processing payments for the crowdfunding industry, which was not accurately reflected by initial coverage of the Proud Boys fundraiser or in GiveSendGo's terms of service.

Update #2, 2021-01-11: PayPal has announced that it is cutting ties with GiveSendGo! We have removed them as a target from this petition, and hope and pray that Stripe will also do the right thing.

Update 3, 2021-01-14: GiveSendGo has cut its own ties with Stripe, its last traditional payment processor. However, it continues to be hosted by the servers at Amazon Web Services. Sign a new petition to AWS here:

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