Tell the U.S. Catholic bishopsCatholic dioceses shouldn't distribute anti-Francis EWTN

Posted: April 18, 2023

EWTN -- the prominent Catholic cable network -- is well known for undermining Pope Francis, promoting far-right MAGA perspectives and misinformation, and even spreading outright Christian nationalism.

The conservative media empire tries to hide its ideology by also airing masses and devotionals, but it's becoming infamous for giving softball interviews to Donald Trump, firing a Black host who championed racial justice, and publishing non-stop criticism of the Pope and his work for social justice.

Multiple bishops have finally begun to speak out publicly against EWTN -- and their official opposition to the "Catholic Fox News" is gaining momentum.

Pope Francis himself has called the network's mean-spirited attacks "the work of the devil." And just this spring, at least two bishops -- San Diego Cardinal Robert McElroy and Spanish Bishop Fernando Prada Ayuso -- have blocked their diocesan publications from sharing EWTN's content.

As grassroots Catholics and fellow Christians, let's lift our voices together and ask U.S. bishops to follow their brother Cardinal McElroy's example by stopping their official distribution of right-wing EWTN and its subsidiaries.

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