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Posted: Dec. 17, 2020

On January 20, Donald Trump will leave the White House, and we thank God for that -- but our work as social-justice Christians is far from over.

We must remember that Trump was a symptom, not the actual disease. Yes, he lost, but with a whopping 74 million votes. The forces of white supremacy, Christian nationalism, and the religious right are still as strong as ever.

The past week tells the story. On Saturday, Catholic Archbishop Carlo Viganò and Bishop Joseph Strickland spoke to a right-wing rally in D.C., spreading QAnon conspiracy theories in a desperate, ill-fated, final effort to overturn democracy and steal the election.

After the rally and inspired by its rhetoric, the racist Proud Boys tore down and burned Black Lives Matter signs at two local Black churches. Yet instead of speaking out for the "religious freedom" of these churches like he does for anti-LGBTQ businesses, Franklin Graham wrote yet another lengthy Facebook post in praise of Donald Trump.

Make no mistake: The leaders of the religious right are enabling white supremacy, just as they are trying to enable Trump's failed attempted coup. But together, we social-justice Christians can continue to do something about it -- as long as we don't stop organizing now.

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