#SorryPat, Christians Like Us Really Do Exist!

On Friday, May 1 -- the same day the Jim Bakker Show attacked us on-air -- Pat Robertson's 700 Club aired a desperate and misleading hit piece against Faithful America. Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) just reaired the segment like it was new on Thursday, July 2.

According to CBN, "Faithful America does not have anywhere near the grassroots support it claims.” Their goal is clearly to dismiss pro-LGBTQ, pro-social-justice Christians like us as just "a few thousand grumpy left-wingers.”

Please join us in wearing CBN's attack as a badge of "grumpy" honor! Our 175,000 members are getting to Robertson and his right-wing allies -- and they're afraid. The religious right needs its supporters to believe you don't exist, or their entire Christian-nationalist narrative will come crashing down. If ever there was a time to speak out, this is it!

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