Update Your Monthly Donation

To update or cancel your monthly donation, visit this link: https://act.faithfulamerica.org/forgot/ and follow the steps there to "reset" your password.

You likely don't have a password to "reset," but responding to the automated email you receive will give you a chance to create one. Once you've selected a new password, you will be able to update the payment information or amount for any existing monthly donations, cancel any existing monthly donations, and see your donation history.

To make additional edits or review your record again in the future, you will need to repeat these steps. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to "log in" with an existing password. We use a secure and powerful software package that has many strengths for taking action, but unfortunately editing monthly donations with ease is not one of them.

Alternatively, we can also simply cancel your existing donation in order for you to start a new one on one of our donation pages. Please return to our contact page to let us know if you would prefer this route, or to ask any questions.

Many thanks for your generosity and support. You make a difference!