Election Season Sermon Notes for Christian Lectionary Preachers 

This year, ballots will take longer than usual to count, due to extra absentee ballots, security measures, and coronavirus precautions. Certain elected officials have made it clear that they will likely spend the extra time spreading disinformation and potentially trying to stop prolonged counting.

Clergy can use a prophetic voice to stand for justice and dignity, helping their communities oppose any immoral assaults on democracy -- and making sure that the voices of the vulnerable are counted and protected.

Our friends at Faith in Public Life and Bend the Arc Jewish Action -- in consultation with Faithful America, Count Every Vote, and other organizations -- have provided suggested election resilience messaging for clergy and faith leaders. The following is a set of examples from Faithful America for how mainline Protestant and Catholic lectionary preachers can tie that messaging guidance to the week's Scripture readings for November 1, 8, and 15.

For additional resources, read the "Count Every Vote" faith toolkit from FPL and BTA which also includes multi-faith prayers, messaging tips, sample social-media posts, and more. You can also watch a 15-minute video of highlights from the coalition's Media and Messaging webinar training.