Tell Southern Baptist leadersDisavow Operation Save America's unchristian harassment

Posted: July 25, 2014

Imagine praying silently in church, when suddenly strangers rush in and start shouting: "Abomination! You're going to hell!"

Last Sunday in New Orleans, a group of anti-abortion protestors called Operation Save America disrupted worship at First Unitarian Universalist Church -- later bragging that they had brought the "truth of the Gospel" to a "Synagogue of Satan."

The protestors went on to picket a doctor's home, and hold a mock funeral with a casket they claimed was an aborted fetus. There's no justification for this behavior, no matter how you feel about abortion.

Operation Save America -- formerly Operation Rescue -- was hosted in Louisiana by a local Southern Baptist Congregation. If state and national leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention stay silent now, it is a tacit endorsement of these extremist protests.

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