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Posted: May 13, 2014

Michael Sam made history when he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams, becoming the first openly gay player in America's most popular sport. When he heard the news, Sam broke into tears and embraced his boyfriend, live on ESPN.

The general manager of the Rams said you can "feel the pivot in history," but the way some Christians have reacted will make your skin crawl.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association said Michael Sam is committing an "infamous crime against nature." Even before the draft, some promised to boycott any team that drafted him.

But worst was the vitriol aimed at Sam on social media, where some said he "betrayed God on live tv," needs to "pray that God will forgive him," told him directly "STOP SINNING AGAINST THE LORD MICHAEL" -- and many, far uglier comments.

While the world's attention is focused on Michael Sam, Christians appear hateful, cruel, and out-of-touch. You would never know that so many of us understand that nothing in the Bible justifies anti-gay hatred -- and that there are millions of faithful Christians who are also gay.

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