Tell Hillsong ChurchStop hiding anti-LGBT policies

Posted: Feb. 21, 2019

In the past week, Hillsong Church -- where 120,000 people worship at 112 locations around the world every week -- has come under intense media scrutiny for its deceptive practices towards LGBT people.

Even though the church has attracted A-list celebrity worshippers like Bono, Justin Bieber, and Chris Pratt, it quietly refuses to preside over same-sex weddings and bans openly LGBT Christians from serving in leadership positions.

But as Church Clarity has documented, Hillsong has gone to great lengths to hide its anti-gay policies, which appear nowhere on its website. Instead, they’re responding to criticism with a new statement that vaguely describes themselves as “an inclusive Christian church that loves, values and welcomes all people.”

If Hillsong isn’t willing to stop discriminating and excluding LGBT Christians, it should at least be honest and transparent about its policies.

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