Tell Christian universityTorture is unchristian. Fire Alberto Gonzales.

Posted: Dec. 10, 2014

The new revelations about the Bush administration's secret torture program are sickening:

Interrogators forced food into a detainee's rectum. Others were forced to stand for hours on broken feet. One detainee died after suffering hypothermia.

But today, one of the key legal architects of the torture program, former White House counsel Alberto Gonzales, is the dean of a Christian law school.

Gonzales has never apologized or repented for his role in drafting and approving the infamous memos that provided the administration's legal justification for torture. And the new report reveals that he was briefed on the specifics of what was happening years before President Bush was.

Christian theologians of all stripes agree that torture is an unacceptable violation of human dignity, no matter the circumstances. This new report should serve as a wake-up call to Belmont University, which claims that its administrators "incorporate Christian ways of thinking and serving self-sacrificially into all that Belmont does."

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