Tell Obama and CongressListen to Pope Francis on refugee children

Posted: July 16, 2014

The situation at the border is heartbreaking: tens of thousands of young children, fleeing horrific violence in their native countries, are being crammed into overcrowded Border Patrol jails and held for long periods with no access to family or to legal representation.

And our nation's response? Congress wants to take away children's right to a fair hearing. President Obama has asked for funds to deport the kids back to danger. Protesters have blocked and screamed epithets at buses of children.

At a moment like this, it worth remembering that Jesus fled King Herod's violence in his home country as a child -- without documentation. Christians cannot sit idly by while these innocents are sent back to be killed or forcefully recruited into violent street gangs.

Pope Francis has called the situation a "humanitarian emergency" requiring that these children be "welcomed and protected." We agree -- and we think it's time to show our leaders just how many Christians are outraged at this profound lack of basic human decency.

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