Tell Methodist bishopsStop putting pastors on trial for gay weddings

Posted: March 13, 2014

Jack Evans and George Harris have been a couple for 53 years. Last month, they gathered with friends and family in Dallas to finally tie the knot.

But now, the Methodist pastor who married them could be put on trial and defrocked.

An official church complaint has been filed against the Rev. Bill McElvaney for disregarding the United Methodist Church's anti-gay policies. It will ultimately be up to his bishop to decide whether to put McElvaney, who is 85 years old and fighting cancer, on trial.

The good news is that a growing number of Methodist bishops are coming to recognize that these trials are hurting the church.

Last year, another Methodist pastor, Frank Schaefer, was put on trial and defrocked for officiating at the wedding of his gay son. But a petition signed by more than 30,000 Faithful America members helped convinced his bishop to publicly pledge that she'll do everything she can to avoid such trials in the future.

Next week, we'll be delivering another petition to Bishop Michael McKee, calling on him -- and his colleagues across the country -- not to put any more pastors on trial for officiating at gay weddings.

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