Tell Kansas State SenateAnti-gay hate isn't religious freedom

Posted: Feb. 17, 2014

Imagine walking into the police station to report that your spouse has been the victim of a crime, and being turned away because you're gay and the police officer says that helping you would violate his "religious freedom."

That may sound insane, but the Kansas State House of Representatives just overwhelmingly passed a bill that would allow any employee of any public or private organization to refuse service to gays and lesbians -- all under the guise of protecting the "religious freedom" of Christians.

The good news is that many pastors in Kansas are speaking up, condemning the bill as a fraud that doesn't protect genuine religious liberty but does enshrine hateful discrimination counter to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Even better, state senate leaders are now beginning to backpedal on their support for the bill -- so the time is ripe for a national outcry among Christians who are appalled that our faith would ever be used to justify putting up "no gays allowed" signs.

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