Tell Colorado pastorApologize for canceling lesbian mom's funeral

Posted: Jan. 22, 2015

Imagine sitting in church during a funeral service, mourning a lost loved one, when the pastor abruptly announces he won't continue -- because he's just learned that the dearly departed was gay.

It sounds like a nightmare, but that's exactly what just happened to the family of Vanessa Collier, a married mother of two. Fifteen minutes into the service, Pastor Ray Chavez said he would not continue unless the family removed photos of Collier and her wife from a video testimonial they had prepared.

Shocked and outraged, the family was forced to pick up the flowers and even the casket and relocate across the street. Chavez has so far refused to apologize, and the church has not refunded the family the fee they paid to rent the space for the service.

Jesus would never have turned his back on a mourning family out of hateful prejudice. Pastors shouldn't either.

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