Statement to the MediaChristians support the impeachment inquiry

Posted: Oct. 14, 2019

When democracy weakens and authoritarian power tightens, justice and equality are put at risk -- and the vulnerable among us suffer the most.

Donald Trump has been accused of using public resources to attack his political rivals. If he is allowed to get away with such corruption, it will embolden his entire administration. Convinced they can do anything, their already-vicious attacks on people of color, the environment, and the LGBTQ community will only grow worse.

More than 100 Christian leaders have signed a letter in favor of the impeachment inquiry including William Barber, Sister Simone Campbell, Jim Wallis, and more. With Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress touring the country to support Trump in Jesus' name, this letter helps show Congress and the media that the religious right does not speak for Christianity.

100 voices are good, but 10,000 voices are even better. It is important that our leaders speak out, but it is even more vital that everyday Christians join them. Together, we can build a movement to reclaim our faith and restore our democracy.

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