Tell Congress and the Department of Homeland SecurityChristians support immigrants. #CloseTheCamps now!

Posted: July 9, 2019

"Jesus wept." Those are the words that come to mind when one reads about the inhumane conditions in Donald Trump's border detention camps -- and the religious right's support for them.

-- Detainees crammed into overcrowded cages, given expired food and inadequate medical care.
-- Administration lawyers insisting they aren't required to give children blankets or soap.
-- Young children banned from hugging their siblings, even as their parents are torn away.

Donald Trump is responsible for these conditions – yet the religious right remains unwavering in its support for the president's reelection. Just this month, James Dobson said Trump is "the only leader in America who comprehends this tragedy and is willing to address it."

Christians must speak out for justice now, or we will be allowing the James Dobsons of the world to speak for us! If we do not protest these inhumane border-camp conditions loudly and often, our reputation as a force for justice will be permanently damaged.

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