Tell Paul Ryan and CongressListen to Pope Francis, help the unemployed

Posted: Jan. 9, 2014

Rep. Paul Ryan talks a lot about his Catholic faith, but it doesn't seem like he's been paying much attention to Pope Francis.

The pope has said that widespread unemployment is one of the greatest evils facing the world, but Ryan personally made sure that the recent federal budget deal didn't do anything for the 1.3 million Americans whose unemployment benefits have just expired.

And even though they've already slashed billions of dollars from programs that protect poor families and seniors, now Republicans are holding unemployment benefits hostage to even more budget cuts.

Paul Ryan and his fellow Republicans don't hesitate to invoke Jesus and the church when they want to get elected. But now that they're using the poor and jobless as political bargaining chips, they need to hear from us that their behavior is unchristian and unacceptable.

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