Tell Methodist BishopLet this church have their gay choir director back

Posted: Jan. 22, 2014

The gay choir director at an Indiana church can't get his job back because the new pastor 'doesn't want to work with someone like [that]' -- so the congregation is voting with their feet.

The newly appointed pastor of Alexandria United Methodist Church won't allow Adam Fraley, a beloved former choir director who served for six years, to return. What's more, when the church's elected lay leader stood up for Fraley, the pastor removed him from his leadership position.

Local Methodist officials admit that there's nothing in church rules preventing a church from having gay staff members, but so far they haven't intervened, even as lifelong members of this small-town congregation have left in disgust and the story has made national news.

Let's show the Indiana Methodist bishop that Christians across the country are standing with the pro-equality congregants who 'want their church back.'

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